Pay Your Bills
Without Paying Postage.

Bill Payer

EXCITING NEWS! MACCU has launched a new Bill Pay Product!

MACCU is excited to announce we have switched to a NEW Bill Pay Product that will provide a better integration to our other eServices!

You can enroll today! Log in to online banking and click on Bill Pay. Follow the enrollment process.

Here is what you need to know:

If you’ve been using our old Bill Pay, please take the below steps: 

  • If there is any history you’d like to continue to have access to, you will be able to download it and save it.
  • Prepare your payee list: Account #’s, Amounts, Address, Phone #.
  • Once we completely transition to our new bill pay product these will no longer be available.

 Log in to online banking and click on Bill Pay. Follow the enrollment process.

  • We have launched our new bill pay product. You can now enroll into the new program and set up your payees. At that point you will be able to pay bills right away.
  • Log into your existing Online Banking account, once you log in you will see a Bill Pay tab. Click there and then follow the enrollment process.
  • Existing or Recurring Payments: If you have ANY recurring payments set up you will want to cancel them in the current bill pay service and set them up in the new program when you enroll.

We want to make sure you are comfortable with this transition. We have a team of people that can easily assist you if you have any questions about this process:

Contact through email:

In the new bill pay product you can expect to see the following changes:


  • Pay bills:
    1. Select the day you want the payee to receive your payment
    2. Sit back and let the bill pay product do the rest
  • Integration with the MACCU Mobile App: You can pay your bills right from your phone.
  • Integration with the MACCU Online Banking services, accessed through our website with a SINGLE LOG IN.
  • Review your payments online.
  • View electronic versions of some of your paper bills.



    • You keep your money in your account until your due date.
    • Pay some payees the same day bills are due.


    • Send or request money securely from your account to just about anyone with an email or mobile number.

Paying your bills can be easy with MACCU Bill Payer! With Bill Payer, there are no more checks to write and no more stamps to lick because all your payments are made automatically. Easily pay your auto loan, utility payments, and more. With Bill Payer you can:

  • Pay single bills for one-time purchases
  • Pay recurring bills like utilities, mortgage, and credit cards
  • Schedule when you want payments made
  • Review payment history


Log in here to the OLD Bill Pay Service