You Don’t Have to
Take Our Word for It.

What Members Are Saying

“The warm and inviting smile of a MACCU employee at a public event drew me to find out more about the credit union. I received some information that day and did not hesitate to make an appointment to discuss my financial matters. I immediately felt like I was where I was supposed to be. They listened to my concerns, found solutions and from that meeting I moved all my accounts to the credit union and have never regretted joining. They continue to treat me like family, and are always there to offer a smile and a solution to any situation I have presented to them. Member service at MACCU is never lacking and it is a pleasure to visit. Thank you so much for making my life easier!”

– Deidra, East Corinth

“As a member of MACCU for the past eighteen years, I have been delighted with the personal attention and truly thoughtful service I have always received. The credit union does everything possible to eliminate the kinds of service fees that commercial banks routinely charge, and to make sure that all of its members have the best accounts to meet their needs.

I was really astounded by the quality of the credit union, however, when I moved with my family to China for a year. China is a very difficult place to deal with banking problems, and I thought I would need a big commercial bank to survive. I couldn’t have been more wrong. MACCU made it easy – my debit card even worked throughout Asia without a hitch! Throughout the year, the staff made sure that my paychecks came in and were promptly deposited, and the MACCU bill pay program easily handled all of my ongoing expenses in the United States. Thank You!”

– Amy, Burlington

Members Advantage Community Credit Union Statement of Values

  • Commitment to Membership – We are committed to providing a high level of service to our members, while remaining financially sound.
  • Integrity – We are honest and ethical in all aspects of our credit union business.
  • Community – We will actively serve people within our field of membership and, as appropriate, the communities they live in.
  • Leadership – We are an industry leader, a position we maintain through our member focus, product value, and service differentiation.
  • Services – Our services are designed to return value and help members from all walks of life achieve greater financial success.
  • Education – We will aim to promote the financial well-being and literacy of our members.
  • Commitment to Staff – We foster an environment to treat each other with respect and honesty and encourage personal and professional development.