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It’s Almost Halloween!

Gearing Up For Halloween, DIY Costume Ideas

Every year, maniacs, wizards, fairy witches, superheroes, etc. come together to celebrate Halloween, a night to engage in all sorts of mischievous acts under the autumn moon. How prepared are you for this years’ Halloween? Halloween is just around the corner, so you know it’s time to start preparing your Halloween costume for the big day. Over the past years, you might have spotted people wearing amazing Halloween costumes and wondered what it took to create those extraordinary costumes. This year, you don’t have to buy expensive Halloween costumes. Instead, you can just create your own unique Halloween costumes.

Here are a few DIY costume ideas you should try out:


Ghost costume is one of the best DIY costumes for people who are fans of horror movies, plus it’s the easiest costume to make because all you need is an old bed sheet. Start by cutting two holes on the bed sheet for the eyes and come up with creative ways of bringing out a scary ghost image; you can even add some makeup to the sheet.

The White Rabbit

Are you a big fan of Mickey Mouse or mini mouse? If you are looking for a DIY costume idea, then you should consider this classic Disney character’s style. All you need to create this costume is a white dress, a red blazer, a clock bag, a blue bow tie and bunny ears made of any color your prefer.


When coming up with your ideas for creating a Halloween costume, you can also embrace the geek in you by creating a geeky homemade costume. All you need to create this kind of costume is a pair of glasses, a mustache for men, a bandage and a pair of baggy trousers or skirt held using a pair of suspenders.


The mime costume is the kind of costume you should create if you don’t want to express yourself through your actions and want to give your voice a break. Have someone paint your face with white face paint and then wear black clothes or a striped white top. To complete the look, don’t forget to wear a pair of white gloves.


Nowadays, there are plenty of plenty of vampire characters you can mimic from movies and T.V shows. Buy a pair of fake vampire fangs from a convenience store and wear clothes with lighter shades. Be creative enough and strive to resemble the vampire characters you know. Lastly, don’t forget to dribble red food coloring or some fake blood on your lips and the sides of your mouth.

Why We Love Savings Accounts!

Why We Love Savings Accounts (And You Should Too!)

Nowadays, savings accounts have become so popular, and it’s easy to open one at MACCU. They play a significant role in helping us achieve our financial goals without having to apply for loans. Some people think that investing their money is better than having the money lying in a savings account. However, depositing your money in a savings account is better than investing since there are no risks involved, so you are confident that your money is safe for future use.

Here are six reasons why we love Savings Accounts and you should too:

  • Accessibility

Contrary to what most people think, the funds in your savings accounts are readily accessible, and you can make withdrawals from your savings account at the respective bank during business hours. In addition to that, some financial institutions also offer access to savings accounts using ATM cards for withdrawal even after regular business hours.

  • It’s a safe way to grow your money

Although savings accounts offer relatively low-interest rates, they provide sustained growth of your money. The other investment options might seem lucrative due to high returns, but the risks involved are also very high. That’s why you should also open a savings account.

  • Funding future expenses

The best thing about having a savings account is that you don’t have to apply for loans anytime you want to cater for huge expenses such as school fees or projects. For instance, if you want to buy a house in future, you can start saving as early as now, and within a year or two you’ll have the money you need to buy it.

  • Improves your financial health

Everyone should practice the habit of saving regularly by setting money aside for their savings accounts or having the transferred directly by their financial institutions. Once you get used to saving, it becomes a regular habit, and you can refrain from impulsive buying habits.

  • It caters for emergencies

There’s nothing as bad as not having money to cater for emergencies such as losing your job or accidents. Consequently, it’s important to save money during your job tenure since it helps you cater for monthly expenses until you get a reliable source of income.

  • It’s easy to open and maintain

Opening a savings account is relatively easy and you can start saving immediately after the financial institution verifies your details. Additionally, most savings accounts have no minimum balance, and they don’t need account maintenance to stay operational.

What We Wish You Knew about Vermont!

What We Wish You Knew About Vermont


Nearly every town in Vermont falls under the designation of small town America. Regardless of the actual size of the town or city — the biggest city in Vermont is Burlington weighing in at a little over 42,000 people — it is the people of Vermont that give it that neighborly feel. Not in the nosey, neighbor way either. People in Vermont simply look out for each other. That friendly, helpful attitude carries over to visitors and should make Vermont a highly desirable vacation spot. However, it has remained a hidden jewel. This is due, in large part, to uninformed misconceptions.

When some think about Vermont, they instantly think of a snowy landscape. While The Green Mountain State does have wonderful snowy vistas in the winter, the state does enjoy all four seasons in all their glory. Fall boasts the changing of the foliage into spectacular pallets of crimson, fiery orange, and yellow. Spring spreads a carpet of wildflowers across the many rolling hills and meadows and plays host to excellent walleye and brook trout fishing.

And yes, Vermont even has a summer. With highs barely touching the 80s, Vermont’s summers are relatively mild compared to more southerly states, but that is not always a bad thing. While Vermont cannot compete with Michigan, it does boast over 60 lakes to enjoy during the state’s moderate summers. There are hiking trails lined with some of the most beautiful vistas and waterways to paddle through the otherwise unreachable glory of hidden landscapes.

Another common misconception of Vermont is that it is boring. As author Ruth Burke once said, “Only boring people get bored.” In addition to the kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking mentioned above, Vermont is home to the 50,000 square foot indoor water park know as the Pump House. Open year round, it boasts a 65-foot drop from La Chute and a less than lazy river.

Vermont also boasts a thriving nightlife. Arguably the center of craft brewing in America, Vermont offers a nearly endless list of beers to sample for the first time. Magic Hat in Burlington has been putting on a Mardi Gras festival worth remembering. With an abundance of great clubs and concert venues, you can dance the night away.

If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary, The Rock of Ages in Barre might be right up your alley. This granite quarry is home to a 600-foot deep trench used in the first new Star Trek movie for its alien appearance. You can feel like Fred Flintstone as you throw bowling balls down the world’s only outdoor granite bowling alley. Also, you can sandblast yourself a souvenir.

If that is not off the beaten path enough for you, check out the next two little known things Vermont offers. Lake Champlain puts forward its own version of the Loch Ness Monster with Champ. Sightings go back to the original Native American tribe that lived in that area and continue through to today. Some even report Champ biting them so watch your toes.

Not unusual enough? Try the world’s tallest filing cabinet in Burlington. This 38 feet tall working filing cabinet was made of real filing cabinets welded together. This sculpture has stood since 2002 and gets 4.5 stars on tripadviser.com.

Vermont is full of adventures. Shredding wicked cool snow on one of the five 4,000 foot mountains it boasts is only the beginning. There is always something to do in Vermont. From the laid back pace of maple syrup to the rushing waters of the Missisquoi River, there is nothing dull about Vermont.

Volunteer in Vermont!

Best Volunteer Opportunities in Vermont

Without volunteers, a huge number of charity based organization would have their programs paralyzed. Even the well-established organizations that operate as nonprofits depend on volunteers to run most of their core functions. Without a doubt, volunteers are a tremendous force that cannot be underestimated. Did you know that a large number of the people who sit on the management boards of non-profits are actually there as volunteers? Here in Vermont, your volunteer spirit will not go to waste.

Here are some great opportunities to pursue;

The Ronald McDonald House Charities

Located in Burlington, Vermont this shelter is a home catering for the needs of families who are bearing the burden of serious illness in their children. They are housed at the shelter during the course of treatment for their children at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital. As a volunteer at the home, you are either involved in taking care of the rooms or making food. Families with sick babies come back to the home to an environment that is just like home. Food is ready, toiletries available and rooms freshened up –all by volunteers.

United Way of Northwest Vermont

With collaboration from different players in the community, the United Way of Northwest Vermont mobilizes its partners to improve people’s lives. Attention is given to education, health and financial stability as the core human rights of every individual. As a volunteer, you are investing time and energy to better the lives of people living in Franklin, Chittenden, and Grand Isle counties. Lives are impacted through promotion of mental health, support for families, provision of basic needs, advocacy against substance abuse and employment advancement.

Spectrum Youth & Family Services

Having opened its doors to serving the public in 1970, the founding mission was empowering teenagers, young adults and those that live with them. This has mainly been achieved through teaching life skills, intervention and prevention. Operations are centered on St. Albans and Burlington. Since its inception, the organization provides housing to vulnerable youths, supports them with finding purpose in the community and builds their self-esteem. All this is done by volunteers.

The University of Vermont Medical Center

Volunteers at the University of Vermont Medical Center play the crucial role of providing their time, attention and personal touch to patients, their families, staff and visitors to the institution. The 750 volunteers, who support the center, provide a service that supplements professional medical attention. Enjoy performing music? This too, is one way to volunteer at The University of Vermont Medical Center.


Volunteers are the action heroes that grow an organization from a small noble intention to a movement that impacts lives and changes the community. Vermont is home to many such organizations, places where families can spend their free time putting a smile on the face of another human being.