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Planning Your 2019: Be Ready for This Year’s Expenses!

There’s nothing quite like going to faraway places to kick back and relax away from the troubles of life and work. That’s right – vacations and holidays are a great way to let off steam and get rejuvenated. But, let’s be honest – vacations don’t come cheap. The flight ticket, accommodations, travel insurances, visa processing fees, and other holiday expenses cost big money. Continue reading "Planning Your 2019: Be Ready for This Year’s Expenses!"

Enjoying Winter on a Budget in Vermont

Winter is a fabulous time to be in Vermont. Known for sizzling ski trails, including 30 cross-country touring centers, 20 alpine ski resorts, and nearly 3,000 hectares of mountainous terrain, the Green Mountain State is a slice of heaven for skiers. Even if you’re not a fan of skiing, there are tons of fantastic things to do and see in Vermont during winter. Continue reading "Enjoying Winter on a Budget in Vermont"

3 Things You Can Do to Make a New Job a Reality

Is one of your goals in 2018 a new career? Maybe you have decided that a career switch would serve your life goals better, or you are returning to the job market after a long absence. Changing careers is not as easy as it should be, especially in the late 30s going forward. There are new skills to teach, new industry players to contend with, and most scary of all is that you are starting from the bottom all over again. However, a new career is possible with the right strategy. Continue reading "3 Things You Can Do to Make a New Job a Reality"