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Why You Should Have an IRA!

3 Reasons you should have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

Do you have an IRA account? Well, consider getting one soon. An IRA can come in the form of traditional IRA, Roth IRA or Rollover IRA. Financial institutions set up these accounts to encourage individuals to save for their retirement effectively on a tax-free basis. Regardless of the type of IRA you choose, you can rest assured that your money will potentially grow faster than it would in other taxable accounts.

Why should I have an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)?

1.     Tax advantages

Having an IRA account can have so many advantages for those planning their retirement. Making contributions to a traditional IRA ensures that your money grows tax-deferred until the day you withdraw it after retirement. Alternatively, your savings can experience tax-free growth if you contribute to your Roth IRA devotedly. You have every reason to smile knowing that no one will tax whatever growth your investment attracts. Saving through IRAs is, without doubt, the most convenient way of generating tax-free income for your heirs. Interestingly; even in your death, your beneficiaries will not experience any taxation complications after inheriting your proceeds.

2.     IRA account holders enjoy penalty-free withdrawals of their contributions

Another incredible reason to have an IRA is that holders enjoy Penalty-free withdrawals of contributions even before their retirement particularly if they contribute to a Roth IRA. Nevertheless, Traditional IRA/401(K) account holders are required to pay a penalty of up to 10% if they decide to withdraw their contributions before they are 591/2 years of age. Roth IRA account holders can withdraw whatever they’ve actually contributed and sell their investments (accrued market returns) penalty-free provided they are not yet 59 ½.

3.     Flexible savings or contributions

Enjoy the flexibility of distributions by investing in a Roth IRA account. Apart from attracting zero-penalties or taxes, Roth IRA account holders can make their contributions at their own convenience provided they don’t default. Young people should grab every available opportunity to invest their money in IRAs.Why? Well, as a young adult, you are allowed to claim your money back after acquiring a reasonable rate of return on your investment. On top of that, you can manage to pay yourself and contribute to your retirement fund at the same time without unnecessary complications.

The bottom-line: There are a TON of reasons to own an IRA. All you have to do is contact MACCU, make your contributions, and see your investment returns grow. Do the right thing today to enjoy your tomorrow after retirement.



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It’s Almost Halloween!

Gearing Up For Halloween, DIY Costume Ideas

Every year, maniacs, wizards, fairy witches, superheroes, etc. come together to celebrate Halloween, a night to engage in all sorts of mischievous acts under the autumn moon. How prepared are you for this years’ Halloween? Halloween is just around the corner, so you know it’s time to start preparing your Halloween costume for the big day. Over the past years, you might have spotted people wearing amazing Halloween costumes and wondered what it took to create those extraordinary costumes. This year, you don’t have to buy expensive Halloween costumes. Instead, you can just create your own unique Halloween costumes.

Here are a few DIY costume ideas you should try out:


Ghost costume is one of the best DIY costumes for people who are fans of horror movies, plus it’s the easiest costume to make because all you need is an old bed sheet. Start by cutting two holes on the bed sheet for the eyes and come up with creative ways of bringing out a scary ghost image; you can even add some makeup to the sheet.

The White Rabbit

Are you a big fan of Mickey Mouse or mini mouse? If you are looking for a DIY costume idea, then you should consider this classic Disney character’s style. All you need to create this costume is a white dress, a red blazer, a clock bag, a blue bow tie and bunny ears made of any color your prefer.


When coming up with your ideas for creating a Halloween costume, you can also embrace the geek in you by creating a geeky homemade costume. All you need to create this kind of costume is a pair of glasses, a mustache for men, a bandage and a pair of baggy trousers or skirt held using a pair of suspenders.


The mime costume is the kind of costume you should create if you don’t want to express yourself through your actions and want to give your voice a break. Have someone paint your face with white face paint and then wear black clothes or a striped white top. To complete the look, don’t forget to wear a pair of white gloves.


Nowadays, there are plenty of plenty of vampire characters you can mimic from movies and T.V shows. Buy a pair of fake vampire fangs from a convenience store and wear clothes with lighter shades. Be creative enough and strive to resemble the vampire characters you know. Lastly, don’t forget to dribble red food coloring or some fake blood on your lips and the sides of your mouth.