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What We Wish You Knew about Vermont!

What We Wish You Knew About Vermont


Nearly every town in Vermont falls under the designation of small town America. Regardless of the actual size of the town or city — the biggest city in Vermont is Burlington weighing in at a little over 42,000 people — it is the people of Vermont that give it that neighborly feel. Not in the nosey, neighbor way either. People in Vermont simply look out for each other. That friendly, helpful attitude carries over to visitors and should make Vermont a highly desirable vacation spot. However, it has remained a hidden jewel. This is due, in large part, to uninformed misconceptions.

When some think about Vermont, they instantly think of a snowy landscape. While The Green Mountain State does have wonderful snowy vistas in the winter, the state does enjoy all four seasons in all their glory. Fall boasts the changing of the foliage into spectacular pallets of crimson, fiery orange, and yellow. Spring spreads a carpet of wildflowers across the many rolling hills and meadows and plays host to excellent walleye and brook trout fishing.

And yes, Vermont even has a summer. With highs barely touching the 80s, Vermont’s summers are relatively mild compared to more southerly states, but that is not always a bad thing. While Vermont cannot compete with Michigan, it does boast over 60 lakes to enjoy during the state’s moderate summers. There are hiking trails lined with some of the most beautiful vistas and waterways to paddle through the otherwise unreachable glory of hidden landscapes.

Another common misconception of Vermont is that it is boring. As author Ruth Burke once said, “Only boring people get bored.” In addition to the kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking mentioned above, Vermont is home to the 50,000 square foot indoor water park know as the Pump House. Open year round, it boasts a 65-foot drop from La Chute and a less than lazy river.

Vermont also boasts a thriving nightlife. Arguably the center of craft brewing in America, Vermont offers a nearly endless list of beers to sample for the first time. Magic Hat in Burlington has been putting on a Mardi Gras festival worth remembering. With an abundance of great clubs and concert venues, you can dance the night away.

If you are looking for something more out of the ordinary, The Rock of Ages in Barre might be right up your alley. This granite quarry is home to a 600-foot deep trench used in the first new Star Trek movie for its alien appearance. You can feel like Fred Flintstone as you throw bowling balls down the world’s only outdoor granite bowling alley. Also, you can sandblast yourself a souvenir.

If that is not off the beaten path enough for you, check out the next two little known things Vermont offers. Lake Champlain puts forward its own version of the Loch Ness Monster with Champ. Sightings go back to the original Native American tribe that lived in that area and continue through to today. Some even report Champ biting them so watch your toes.

Not unusual enough? Try the world’s tallest filing cabinet in Burlington. This 38 feet tall working filing cabinet was made of real filing cabinets welded together. This sculpture has stood since 2002 and gets 4.5 stars on tripadviser.com.

Vermont is full of adventures. Shredding wicked cool snow on one of the five 4,000 foot mountains it boasts is only the beginning. There is always something to do in Vermont. From the laid back pace of maple syrup to the rushing waters of the Missisquoi River, there is nothing dull about Vermont.

Top 5 Vacation Ideas in New England

Top 5 Vacation ideas in New England

America’s birthplace, New England is a famous destination location for people who are looking for an unforgettable experience. The scenery is quite diverse and the regions rather attractive, they will form the perfect backdrop on holiday pictures. Visit New England any time of the year and experience American culture and history. It does not end there however because in the midst of tradition and ancient hints of how the great region came to be, visitors can still enjoy natural beauty of the destination which includes the gorgeous coastline. Are you thinking of visiting New England in your next vacation? You are in luck because there are a couple of best destinations picked out just for you.

The search is definitely over so check out this list of the top 5 vacation ideas in New England for adequate preparation;

  1. Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts

This is one of the islands that lie off the coast of MA. A quintessential getaway, the destination is home to sandy beaches that surround charming little towns. Best picked as a romantic getaway, Martha’s Vineyard sees many couples visiting for their honeymoon. It is also ideal for the family vacation because there is so much to see and enjoy. Want to know who else finds this place worth their time? The president and his family!

  1. White Mountains in New Hampshire

A place where the landscape is a blend of lakes and scenic wilderness, White Mountains is a vacation spot that will make you forget about the hustle of city life. It is no surprise that the White Mountains have for a long time been a popular destination for those looking for a unique holiday experience. Enjoy group activities such as hiking and one-on0nes like horseback riding and golf. There is clearly never a dull day when you are at White Mountains.

  1. Camden in Maine

Everything you can ever think of as an activity to do when out on a vacation will be found in Camden. If you fancy fine dining then you will love the experience that comes with eating fresh seafood obtained from the Atlantic right there. The rest of the day can be spent exploring the Penobscot bay islands and hiking.

  1. Newport in Rhode Island

This is one of the most photographed places in New England. An exciting destination characterized by mansions overlooking the sea, Newport is a home away from home. You get to enjoy the freedom associated with living in your own house but enjoying the view of the sea all the time.

  1. Nantucket in Massachusetts

One of the islands in the Atlantic, this is a population vacation destination for people who appreciate old-fashioned charm and history. While you are there, tour the lighthouses, beautiful coastline, and fishing villages that have been in existence for centuries. The wildlife refuge on the island is unique and great at learning about the various species in this part of the world.


Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Credit Card

The prominence of credit cards as the most preferred global financial services system remains undisputed. Credit cards are not only tempting but convenient and rewarding provided you’re a self-disciplined shopper. Whilst most people enjoy the convenience of transacting through credit cards, some of us can’t understand why it’s important to have one in the first place.

Let’s examine 3 reasons why you need a credit card.

  1. Zero liability protection

Most Credit cards holders have fallen prey to fraud, phishing scams or skimming at some point. The good news is that all major credit card issuers know that hackers and fraudsters can take advantage of cardholders for selfish gains. To protect cardholders from fraudulent charges, and unauthorized purchases, they offer zero liability protection. This policy simply means cardholders are exempted from taking responsibility for any unlawful purchase made using their credit cards. For your own convenience, it is important to report to your credit card issuer immediately in case your credit card is stolen or lost for your own convenience.

  1. Build a strong credit history

Credit cards can help you build a strong credit history if used properly. We all know that bad credit history can be a significant hindrance to our dreams. For this simple reason, we need to be on the good books with creditors. Maintaining a good credit history unlocks the door to all your dreams. The quickest way to build your credibility through your credit card is by using it frequently and responsibly at all times. Develop a habit of paying your debts on time and in full, only borrow what you can pay back efficiently and conveniently. Remember, a good credit score is the key to achieving your dream job, home, sports car or any other property. Use your credit card regularly and wisely to build, rebuild and even maintain a tremendous credit score.

  1. Safe and convenient

Credit cards remain the safest and most convenient payment options in e-commerce. Today’s consumers have a preference for online shopping. In such cases, only credit cards can be used to make safe payments. Unlike cash which is irretrievable, any fraudulent credit card transactions can be canceled quickly after detection. As a credit card holder, it is wise to conduct business with trustworthy, reputable and genuine websites for your own good. In addition, credit cards work in all currencies making them more convenient for shoppers. While some credit cards charge currency conversion fees depending on specific countries or stores, most credit card issuers don’t charge anything for purchases made in foreign countries. Lastly, most modern businesses are starting to decline other payment options for safety purpose thus making credit cards the safest and most convenient alternatives.

Be Aware of Scams – They Are Everywhere

Scams nowadays are everywhere. The nature of attacks can vary, but the ultimate goal of all scammers is to take your money. Because technology is becoming more and more advanced, the nature of today’s scams is a lot more sophisticated than it was before, which makes it a lot harder to spot them. Scams are only as limited as the scammer’s imagination. However, the most common ones include:

The Microsoft Support Pop-up Scam
This malware appears to look like Google Chrome and it notifies you that “Your Computer Has Been Blocked.” When you call the support number listed, the scammers at the end of the line will convince you to allow them to control your computer remotely. It goes without saying that you should not.

The Prize Win Scam
These can appear as pop-ups on your browser or they can arrive as emails or SMS. Such scams are designed to steal your personal information for fraud. They are also used to place phishing software on your device so that scammers can access your credit card and banking details.

Fake Wi-Fi Hot Spots
This scam is popular in restaurants and coffee shops. When you log into an unsecured hot spot, you expose yourself to scammers that want to mine your computer for passwords as well as banking information.

Fake Charity Pleas
These scams come in the form of an email characterized by images of a disaster (such as hurricanes) or malnourished children that need help. The charity plea typically used is “Please give what you can today,” followed by a cash request. This scam is intended to harvest your banking details, so avoid it whenever possible.

The Travel Scam
Most travel scams reel you in by offering ridiculous deals to amazing locations or cheap airline tickets. They may appear legitimate, but most travel scams have extra costs hidden in the fine print, which might cause you to spend more than you needed to. These travel scams are popular during peak vacation periods such as summer or right before the holidays.

To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Keep your personal information and banking details to yourself. Protect your passwords and do not use your email on public computers.
  • Update your privacy settings on all your social media accounts to restrict hackers and scammers.
  • The general rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Think twice and carry out your research before you fall for any travel scams.
  • Never respond to emails asking for your personal details. When in doubt, simply place a call directly to the company.

3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Credit Score!

If you have ever had a loan application declined, it is easy to assume that you are not good enough to access credit, or that you need to wait for times to get better. But you can do better than assume such a fatalistic attitude. You can take steps to improve your credit score. Your scores are based on measurable data, and there is a lot you can do to change this measurable data.

Review Your Credit Report
Your credit card debt is only part of what goes on your credit report. There is other information that is included in the report, for example, auto loan payments, mortgage payments, student loan repayments, and even electricity and gas bills. It is important to know what information is going on your credit report. Ask for a report from each of the three credit reporting bureaus and scrutinize what you are being scored on.

Follow up on All Payments
Paying a portion of your bills is better than not paying at all. A good example is your credit card payments. You are allowed to carry part of your monthly balance on to the next month, but there are penalties for doing so. As long as you keep making the minimum monthly payments, you are in good books with the creditors. But skipping monthly payments is what gets you into the bad books.

If you have several monthly payments to make but are cash-poor, it is important to note when the different payments are due. You can then prioritize these payments, allocating the minimum necessary. If you have near maxed out cards it is important to prioritize their payments. This is even more important if they are of higher limits. It would be better if you maintained a borrowing balance of $2,000 on a $10,000 card than having $1,000 on a $5,000 card. This is called credit utilization. Look at the cards that give you better credit utilization and prioritize.

Paying your bills on time is a big factor in your credit ratings. Paying your bills before or on time impacts positively on your ratings. You can ensure that this happens by setting up automatic payments. Your payments due will trigger on or before the payment. It is easy to do this – almost all credit facilities and subscriptions offer this feature. Keeping your credit ratings positive is very important as it enables quicker borrowing and access to higher amounts of funds when you need them.