Best Hot Dog Stops in Vermont!

Best Hot Dog Stops in Vermont

In an era where foods from different world cuisines are merged to create foodie fusions, it is no surprise that every state in America has their own hot dog. Well, at least you will not need to deny your craving for hot hogs when away from your favorite spot. The popularity of hot dogs in America stems from a culture of including hot dogs in the menu on all outdoor events. Think of friends coming over for a barbeque, lunch at the ball games and a visit to the fun fare. No outdoor event is complete with the classic American hot dog.

In Vermont, you might not find the winner hot dog at the road side stand or food truck, but the locals sure know where to go when the craving comes;

  • Big Lenny’s – Rutland

Not sure if it is spring yet? Look out for the bright red trailer. With the words “Big Lenny’s Since 1988” on the van and done in a mustard yellow color, the cart seems almost like a natural feature against the backdrop of Pico Mountain. Those who are addicted to the cart are attracted not only by the hot dogs but also the oversized personality of the personnel.

Serving essem hot dogs with homemade toppings as a crown, the ensemble is not complete without honey mustard, sweet onion sauce and hot relish.

  • Cold Hollow Cider Mill – Green Mountain

Everyone who tries the hotdogs at Cold Hollow Cider Mill agree that they are a hidden gem. The humble hotdog is steamed in the seemingly normal fashion but here, the taste and texture is dependent on time. The cooking is done precisely for specific duration of time and there is where the characteristic wonderful snap comes from. A single bite is enough to classic this hot dog among the best in the states. It is easy to see why people flock to this venue – for the famed traditional style cider, sumptuous desert style donuts and the hot dogs.

At Cold Hollow Cider Mill, you get to choose the toppings you want. All made from local produce, they add a hint of freshness and authenticity to any hotdog. If the toppings impress you beyond the hot dog experience, why not carry some home with you?

  • Al’s French Frys – South Burlington

This hot dog is served as a complete meal that includes freshly fried fries that are hand cut. A great family spot for the afternoon meal, Al’s serves hundreds of such lunches on a daily basis. This is the home of the classic American lunch.