Everything You Expect,
Except the Fees.

Checking Accounts

Members Advantage Community Credit Union, with five locations in Barre, South Burlington, Springfield, White River Junction, and Windsor, VT, offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to convenience and full-service opportunities. Our checking accounts have all the features you want in a checking account:

  • No monthly account fee
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Mastercard® debit card
  • Free online banking– Virtual Branch
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free eStatements
  • Free bill pay
  • Low-cost personalized checks that come in a variety of styles and colors

The MACCU Switch Kit makes it easy to start banking with us. Use this resource to get started!

Overdraft Options

Transfer from Shares

All checking accounts are set up with automatic overdraft protection from your savings account. This means that if you overdraw your checking account, we will automatically transfer funds from your savings account to cover it, if the funds are available. You will be notified by mail if we must transfer to cover insufficient funds, and there will be a $2.00 fee associated with each transfer. To avoid this fee, you can initiate the transfer yourself via online banking or our 24-Hour Telephone Teller Service. You can also call one of our branches during regular business hours and have a staff member transfer the funds for you.

Overdraft Loan

We offer an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit. This special loan covers insufficient funds in $100 increments. If you would like to move forward with this overdraft option, you will need to complete a Loan Application, which must be approved by a Loan Officer.

Overdraft Privilege

This service allows you to overdraw your account up to a set limit for a fee in order to pay a transaction. It is a convenient safety net that can save you both money and embarrassment. Accounts will be charged the standard overdraft fee of $25 for handling each overdraft created by check, ACH, point-of-sale, ATM withdrawal, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic item that is paid and $27 for items returned. If your account balance remains overdrawn for longer than seven days, the account will be charged a daily overdraft fee of $3.00 for each of the consecutive business days the account remains overdrawn, beginning with day seven. An overdrawn balance must be repaid within 32 days. We may not pay items under your Overdraft Privilege if you do not maintain your account in good standing by bringing your account to a positive balance within every 32-day period for a minimum of 24 hours, if you default on any loan or other obligation to Members Advantage Community Credit Union, or if your account is subject to any legal or administrative order or levy.

There are two levels of coverage:

1. Standard Coverage – Each share draft account comes with Standard Overdraft Privilege Coverage that allows your account to become overdrawn up to the disclosed limit in order to pay your transactions. Standard Coverage includes transactions originated by checks, ACH (automatic debits), recurring debit card payments, online bill pay items, and teller window transactions.

2. Extended Coverage – You can choose to apply Extended Coverage to your account that covers all of the same transactions listed under Standard Coverage, but also covers your ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions. If you would like Extended Overdraft Privilege Coverage, please call us at 1-877-248-1221, email us at odp@maccu.org, or complete this short form and return it to one of our branches.

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