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  • New Design!  Along with the addition of the EMV/Chip, we have made changes to our debit card design in order to incorporate our logo.
  • New Cardholder Card Carriers (one for “newly issued” and one for “reissued”).  The primary purpose of the redesign to the cardholder carriers is to provide information to our membership describing the security features and how to use their new EMV/Chip debit card. 
  • We have chosen a “natural reissue” methodology to issue EMV/Chip debit.  This means that as our member’s current debit card comes up for renewing, they will be receiving a new EMV/Chip card.
  • Beginning with the April debit card reissue (and all future months thereafter) current members who have a debit card will be issued the new EMV/Chip debit card.
  • Beginning on March 20, 2017; all newly issued and replacement debit card orders will be issued the new EMV/Chip debit card.
  • Members using our current debit card (mag stripe, only) will be receiving their newly issued EMV/Chip through the usual reissue process and will have their same card number and PIN.

FAQ's can be found here. As always, if you have questions please call a branch!

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